Any online graduate school admissions counselor you speak with should be able to listen to your concerns and provide you with the best possible answer to help you make your decision.

In addition to the research you’ll conduct by reviewing this website, be sure to ask your graduate school admissions counselor the following questions.

  • Is the school accredited? By whom?
  • How difficult is it to transfer credits?
  • Is the learning environment asynchronous (student-centered) or synchronous (traditional lecture-based)? What is the level of interactivity?
  • What are people saying about this program specifically and this online school in general? Can I speak with a former student about his or her experience?
  • What type of software does this graduate program use?
  • Will this online master’s degree qualify me for the career I want?
  • What recent and validated data on job placement and earnings can you provide for graduates of this program?
  • What career placement resources do you offer to graduate students in your program?
  • What is the cost, overall and per credit? What information do you have on financial aid options?
  • How much will I spend on books and supplies?
  • How many semester hours of graduate study are required in your master’s degree program?
  • How accessible are the instructors? What are their qualifications?

In researching the graduate school options available to you, you may come upon other questions to ask admissions counselors. Do not hesitate to have all of your questions answered before enrolling in any graduate program. It is the admissions representative’s job to provide all of the information to prospective graduate students looking for the perfect school.

Remember to use our School Search tool to guide you in your research and comparison of each graduate program available online.

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