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Personalizing Your Education: Grad School Online

A degree from a grad school online can open up a number of personal and professional opportunities. Educational choices, career pathways, the opportunity to advance to the next level: Each journey is a series of personal choices that’s as important as the destination itself. But don’t just leave it up to the fates to lead you down the right road. Do your research by reviewing this website and asking your admissions counselor some key questions, such as:

  • Is the school accredited?
  • Will credits transfer?
  • What are people saying about this school in general?
  • What is the reputation of this program specifically?
  • Will this online master’s degree qualify me for my desired career?
  • What job placement data do you have for program graduates?
  • What salary data do you have for program graduates?
  • What career placement services do you offer students in program?
  • How many semester hours of graduate study are required?

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