Online learning particularly suits graduate students, many of whom choose to continue their education while working. A growing number of online schools, as well as ground universities around the world offer online graduate programs, recognizing their potential to accommodate the specific needs of graduate level students.

Graduate programs are highly specialized, making them ideal for students seeking high-level employment, or working professionals looking to advance their current careers. A graduate education builds upon undergraduate studies and also provides additional, focused career training.

Many online graduate programs at the master’s or doctoral degree level are offered in areas of:

  • Business
  • Criminal Justice
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Psychology

Keep in mind that completing a graduate program is NOT required in all professions; educational requirements vary greatly from one field to another. A graduate degree could be necessary to qualify for an entry-level career in one field, may qualify a candidate for an automatic pay increase in another, or be essentially useless in yet another. Before making any final decision regarding a graduate education, make yourself aware of real career opportunities within your chosen field, as well as their specific educational requirements.